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Riley Reign is an energetic and creative multi-disciplinary artist specializing in script and screenwriting, dramaturgy and theatre making, composing, workshop facilitation, LGBTQIA+ education and consultation, and voice coaching. 

With their Masters in Musical Theatre Performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and their Undergrad from Randolph College for the Performing Arts, Riley Reign has spent the last 5 years living in 4 countries and steadily building their portfolio around the world. 

Some of their recent accomplishments include co-producing and screenwriting We Can Talk’s new online learning - the fundamentals of compassionate care which has already been completed by over 9,000 hospital staff across the UK, and landed Healthy Teen Minds a nomination in the 2020 NHS Nursing Awards. Their work with We Can Talk extends to writing and co-producing their upcoming documentary on Co-Production in the medical field titled Working Together to Change the Future, as well as their upcoming online event Shift 2020 which features The We Can Talk Show - written by Riley Reign. 

Riley Reign is the founder and artistic director of H+Q Productions. With this company, Riley has written, composed, devised and produced a number of shows, most notably Here, Queer & Mentally Unclear, first commissioned by Upstart Theatre as part of DARE Festival 2018, the show has gone on to be performed across the UK, as well as recently being developed into an hour long interactive educational workshop with funding from Arts Council England. Recently H+Q Productions received funding from Thrive LDN and Groundworks to develop an online resource on 2SLGBTQIA+ identity for secondary school teachers. Riley alongside H+Q Production looks forward to delivering this resource starting January 2021. 

Riley has been facilitating a range of workshops for a number of companies, from drama, dance and music workshops for Perform London and Total Insight Theatre, to facilitating a young persons support group for Wise Thoughts Haringey. An experienced educator, Riley Reign has been facilitating educational workshops for companies, schools, institutions and individuals for over 5 years. 

Want to learn more about Reign’s extensive artistic background? Check out their Portfolio!

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