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Workshop Facilitator and Educator 
Subject Matter Expert - Queer & Trans Identity, Mental Health & Neurodivergent Accessibility

'They really took on board our company’s beliefs and values to produce something that was completely on brand and very positively received by our target audience. Our work addresses challenging topics around mental health, stigma and traumatic experiences and Riley was sensitive and boundaried in their approach...'

Client Review

We Can Talk Project



Much of Reign’s work as an activist, educator and artist focuses on highlighting marginalized voices, and sharing their experience as a Queer & Trans person as well as their experiences living with mental illness and neurodivergency. While in the UK Riley Reign worked as script writer and co-producer on the national We Can Talk Project educating on children and young people’s mental health. With this project they wrote and developed the award winning training course the fundamentals of compassionate care as well as many other training programs including training for Crisis Care workers, training on neurodivergency and educating on the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in the health care sector. With these contracts they worked closely with the NHS (National Health Services UK) and other government bodies. They also created and wrote Here, Queer & Mentally Unclear - a semi verbatim theatre in education workshop focusing on mental illness in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, as well as the online training Demistifying Identity - Part 1 which is aimed at educating teachers, school staff and students on identity and the importance of understanding, respecting and supporting marginalized  people. Now on this side of the Atlantic, Riley is working closely with Ashanti Leadership as a Subject Matter Expert and Workshop Facilitator, traveling across the Maritimes assessing corporate and government EDI needs and delivering highly impactful and sensitive EDI training.  They have also worked with the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project delivering 2SLGBTQIA+ EDI training across NS.


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