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Writing for stage, film, TV, and educational and corporate video.


Liam O'Dell

Lyrically, there are impressive interlacing of stories (and with that, harmonies), as well as clever wordplay. “No rest for the wicked, well wicked, I must be,” sings Riley Reign, in a delicate song about life with bipolar disorder. The tone of the music is one which never undermines the sensitivities of the subject matter. In fact, in singing and delivering the monologues, speaking their truths, they perform with confidence.


All About Riley Reign Arts

Award Winning energetic and creative script and screenwriter with experience  in screenwriting for corporate events, presentations and videos, creative projects and educational material. Expertise in using verbatim interviews, and lived experience to shape and develop material. Skilled at collaboration and working with people and organizations  to develop and deliver their vision. Expert at building and developing new ideas from the ground to a finished product.

An in-development version of Here, Queer & Mentally Unclear performed at the historic Vauxhall Tavern, London England 2019.

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